Welcome to the Website of NRG Ring (Nutrition + Refueling = GO!) and welcome to good nutrition! You will find that the NRG Ring will become a valuable tool that can help you and your game, as well as a parent’s guide to soccer nutrition.

NRG Ring gives you basic guidelines for what and when to eat to help you "fuel for performance." And because NRG Ring never leaves your soccer bag, handle of your water bottle, or key ring, you don't have to be a nutrition expert, or memorize anything. Just put the weatherproof cards in order on the enclosed 3" metal ring, attach to your soccer bag, water bottle or key ring, and look for the cards that apply to your situation. There are many energy-packed pre-game snacks, post-game snacks for recovery, tips for hydration and helpful hints for back-to-back tournament games that you will find on the NRG Ring cards.

The NRG Ring was created by a soccer mom who has had over twenty years experience with "helping the team". Realizing the benefit of fueling for performance, soccer mom combined the knowledge and the way to access it conveniently and easily in a unique soccer product. Further, the NRG Ring is endorsed by Sports Nutritionist and Author, Nancy Clark, MS, RD. Nancy Clark, an internationally known sports nutritionist and author for over 25 years, is a registered dietitian (RD) who specializes in nutrition for exercise, energy and endurance.


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 Success Stories

"Eating for energy is an essential part of a soccer program. By attaching an NRG Ring™ to their sports bag, kids see colorful tips about what to eat or drink before, during and after their games. This simple reminder can make the difference between winning and losing, having fun or feeling fatigued."

Nancy Clark, MS, RD - Author, Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook

"Our soccer team finds that adding good nutrition such as honey to our training program gives us the edge that we need. It makes the difference in endurance during the second half when the other teams start to run out of steam. Thanks NRG Ring™!"

Coach Jerry, Monroe, NJ
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